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Welcome to the Society for the Defense of Heero's Emotions, a place where, contrary to popular belief, Heero is not a monotonous robotic abuser.
Founded 3 Years ago
Jan 23, 2013


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14 Members
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About This Group

Society for the Defense of Heero's Emotions.

Tired of all the OOC portrayals of Heero as an emotionless, monotonal automaton? We at the SDHE want to promote Heero as the kind, caring guy he is.

Similarly, we want to avoid the equally OOC portrayals of "raving psycho" Heero. It's possible to be caring and strong.

SDHE Guidelines
last edited 31 August 2014

1. Please observe basic netiquette. Personal attacks and arguments, ridiculing of opinions, and flames do nothing more than make both the parties involved and the other members uncomfortable and unhappy. Remember that the written word is much easier to misinterpret, especially when emotions are running high. Please contact either the member directly or one of the admins if you feel the need to lodge a complaint.

2. This mailing list is for the defense of Heero's emotions and support of his character in general. Participation in all forms is welcome. This includes, but is not limited to, fanfiction, fanart, essays, discussion topics, polls, and recommendations for stories or web sites where Heero is portrayed as he deserves. If you post something that is not your own work, please obtain permission of the creator first.

3. Fic warnings - most readers prefer to be informed when a story is a deathfic, because no one looks forward to a nasty surprise. Please include any warnings you feel are necessary when posting a work of fiction.

4. Some of the stories and art posted may be inappropriate for those considered underage. The list maintains a don't-ask-don't-tell policy on the age requirement, as it is hoped that all members are mature enough to handle adult themes in fiction, art, and discussion topics.

5. The goal of the list is to support Heero and promote him as an emotional, well-rounded, complex character. Portrayals of either extreme, that is, as either an abusive monster or a trembling, fearful child, do not do Heero justice and we ask that you avoid them. Keep this in mind when posting, recommending, or using as examples fics and fanart, and please maintain the spirit of the list in discussions. Heero bashing and trivialization of his character are definite no-no's.

6. Off-topic posts - please keep them within reason. The purpose of the mailing list is to discuss and support Heero. As is customary with other lists, please label off-topic posts with an [OT] tag to signal to others that the contents are off-topic.

7. This is NOT a pairing-specific list, and both het and yaoi fics are welcome. Fics, pics, and discussion topics that focus on Heero alone or his interaction with others, whether in a friendly or romantic setting, are encouraged, as long as Heero is characterized as he deserves. A fic can feature a primary romantic pairing that does not involve Heero, as long as the story itself showcases Heero's depth of character.

8. Although the group is not pairing-specific, discussions of favorite pairings are more than welcome /provided that/ the focus is on HEERO'S role in the pairing and how his character plays against his partner. Intolerance of others' preferences, whether traditional or alternate pairings, will not be tolerated. A warning will be given if it appears that members are forgetting to be respectful to others, and a thread will be closed if the warning is not heeded.

9. Character bashing is strongly discouraged. Heero does not need to be defended at the expense of another.

10. Please remember that this is a Heero-centric list. Stories and discussion topics should therefore reflect that.

11. If you would like to open a discussion topic or post/recommend a fic but are unsure if it is appropriate for the list, do not hesitate to contact one of the moderators.

Thank you,

Your list mods.

Come join our mission. Fics, art work and discussions welcome.

Please note that you must be over 18 to join this group since some content posted here may be considered unsuitable for minors.







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